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*This page is by Cryptic, based on the Melanesian myth*


Abaia are a species of giant eel. They usually have silver-grey to green-gray skin, and eyes the size of yoga balls, which vary in the green-gray-dark blue spectrum. They have long, powerful tail capable of whipping up rough waters in the space of time of seconds, which it does in times of anger.


Abaia are sentient creatures that can talk in broken human-tongues, and it thinks of all the children in the lake as its children. They live long, about 750-1,500 years, but do not have good short-term memory. The Abaia eat a particular seaweed that grows as fast as it can eat it, but is in danger of extinction by human actions.

Powers, Abilities, Dangers, Strengths, and Weaknesses

As aforementioned, Abaia can create rough waters with its tail, and calm them likewise. The more powerful ones are said to be able to create floods and whirlpools. The Abaia also have strong, slippery skin, and can squeeze through tight spaces. One weakness of the Abaia is that it can be put to sleep by the smell of lotus blossoms. Abaia have eyes that will immediately mist over when it is faced with a gaze weapon, such as the basilisk's eyes; and are resistant to temperature changes.