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Alan works at the KM and belongs to Precious no-tribe.

Alan Baker

Alan is 21. He has degrees in Unicorn and Mermaid therapy. Yes, he really went to school for that for four years. Did he waste his time? Possibly. But those degrees earned Alan a job at the Kansas Menagerie. He seems happy to be working with the animals.


Alan jokes around a lot, and for this the three interns, Serena Watson, Emma Vane and Mark Osborne tend to like hanging out with him. He is very good with the animals. Alan may seem like a total goof, but he really does care about the menagerie and is committed to protecting it and the creatures there.On the other hand, his goofy nature has occasionally gotten Mr. Baker in trouble with Doria and Alana Harrington. He does have a very calm atmosphere and is a very good listener. Alan is passionate about helping people and animals alike.


Alan has short black hair that would curl if it could and and light brown skin. His eyes are very dark and he's often smiling about one thing or another.

Alan usually wears t-shirts promoting random events and companies, along with shorts and flip-flops.


Alan sometimes gets called Bake or Joker by Alana. The unicorns refer to him as Full-ear. Most of the Menagerie know Alan as either Mermaid or Unicorn Whisperer, something he finds very funny.


Alan is very close to the two unicorns and tries to get close to the mermaids. All three interns love Alan because of all his jokes.


Alan has one younger brother, who is working at the Missouri Menagerie currently as an intern. His mom and dad are living in Kansas City, his hometown.


Since Alan is trying to get a degree in golden goose therapy, he often studies Nya, but he doesn't consider her a pet. He also has a chiweiner who often follows him around.

Powers and Skills

Alan is really good at understanding people and why they do what they do. People just want to open up to him.


  • Alan once had to prove he couldn't read minds, because he understood people so well.
  • Alan does not have a degree in human therapy.