Alana Harrington Edit

Alana is very serious-minded. She does NOT like joking around, which isn't surprising, considering she is the oldest child in a family that has six, and helps her parents run a Menagerie. She is very organized and rarely messes anything up.

Personality Edit

Alana is always neat. She functions much like the Kansas Menagerie's secretary and records keeper, keeping track of all of their records of sales and purchases. She is very good at numbers, but is also very serious. She hasn't given herself quite enough time to be a kid. She is not a morning person, and hates alarm clocks above all else.

Appearance Edit

Alana has long blonde hair that is often held back in a bun. She wears glasses, but behind those, has pale green eyes. Alana's skin is pale, and there are a couple scars on her hands and arms for various reasons, from falling down the stairs to offending a unicorn.

Alana often wears loose jeans and long-sleeved shirts with hoodies. While she tries to look professional, it has not escaped her notice that she lives in literal zoo, and needs to be able to move and get dirty. Alana often carries an ipad, which she uses to mark things down.

Name Edit

Alana is sometimes called Lana or Lany (pronounced Lawn-ee) by her bff, Serena Watson.

Friends Edit

Alana is best friends with Serena Watson, but she is also close to the other three interns, Mark Osborne, Alissa Cole,and Emma Vane, since all four are about the same age.

Family Edit

Alana has both parents, her dad is an animal trainer and her mom is a vet. She has five younger siblings, two brothers and three sisters.

Pets Edit

Unless we're counting the whole Kansas Menagerie, Alana has one pet. She has a cat named Pickles. It was her brother's idea. Don't ask.

Powers and Skills Edit

Alana is very good at math and numbers. She is very organized and good at keeping things in their place. She has no powers.

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