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Alaric is an impatient, to-the-point, loud clear type of man. His mother died in giving birth to him, and he was brought up by a strict, confining father, Lord Colon, one of the higher-ups in SNAPA. When he was old enough to go to Tracker camp, he jumped on the idea, and wouldn't let go until his father relented. It became quickly clear he wasn't the best student, but when an escaped, raging animal threatened the life of one of the handlers, he knew exactly what to do. After the incident, he quickly rose the ranks of experts on the more dangerous species and how to handle them. After the mermaids started calling him "Stormweather" he changed his last name to it, instead of his keeping his father's, Sabre. Alaric is currently stationed at the Arconder Menagerie and travels widely. He sometimes travels with Apogee