Ali belongs to the KM and that super crazy dragon slayer who does not go by Fred.

Alissa Cole Edit

Alissa lives out side the Kansas Menagerie. Her mother, Bethany Cole, is the sister of the Menagerie's owner, Mark Harrington. Though Mark offered them a place in the house, Alissa's parents, Rick and Bethany, decided they would rather have their own house to raise their four daughters.

Personality Edit

Being the youngest means Alissa has a lot to live up to. Both her older sisters have moved out of her house, and gotten jobs with SNAPA or SNAMHP, though she still lives with her twin, Annya, who is still someone Alissa feels she must live up to. Alissa wants to make her family proud but is tired of living in her sisters' shadows. Overall, however, Alissa is carefree and loves to be around other people. She is very charismatic and has a passion for gymnastics.

Appearance Edit

Alissa is tall, like her parents, and has her father's dark skin. Her hair is also a dark brown. Her eyes, however, are a more golden shade. Alissa is also thin and strong from years of gymnastics. She hasn't taken formal lessons for a couple years, however, because working as an intern at the KM caused too many problems getting there for her parents to continue paying for it, but Alissa still does flips and cartwheels whenever she can.

Friends Edit

Alissa is very close to Alana, as well as the other interns. Like all of the interns, Alissa finds Alan Baker very funny and loves to hang out with him.

Family Edit

Alissa lives with her mother, Bethany Cole, her father, Rick, and her twin sister Annya. She has two older sisters who have moved out of the house. Alana Harrington is her cousin on her mother's side.

Pets Edit

Alissa has two goldfish the are named Pip and Squeak. According to her, they are very sassy.

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