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(Anatyn is a fanmade island by RedThedeathgripper)


the Island of Anatyn is filled with the Anatyn menagerie, a very large forest, a village, and a volcano that has been dormant for hundreds of years. the menagerie is run by the Meyers Family. the Anatyn menagerie is well known to be the Menagerie that specializes in wendigoes.


the island of Anatyn is located somewhere near the top of the Atlantic ocean. Anatyn is a very large island, and being close to Greenland, often has snow in the wintertime.



Kristin Meyers

Fredrick Meyers

Henry Meyers

Kelsey Meyers

Jayla Meyers

Mostly human

Misty Brook

about 10 mermaids

Ashley Hunter

Mythical creatures

3 dragons

3 wendigoes

4 unicorns

1 cockatrice

6 griffins (2 adults, 4 cubs)

1 golden goose

2 hellhounds

1 Zartan

2 kelpies

50 or so Will-O'-The-Whisps