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**Cryptic's first Mengerie and second page**

Welcome to the Arconder Menagerie, a tropical paradise and vacation home for overworked employees at virtually any menagerie between the two poles.


The Arconder Menagerie is based upon three islandlike structures. The main island is where all the species are, along with the caretaker's house in the middle. The "island" on the left is for strictly agricultural needs, and the right one is for guests. The Arconder Islands are actually the surfaced remains of a collosal crab, which have been adapted to the needs of SNAPA for a vacation home for other caretakers and a floating menagerie that could be based all around the world's oceans.


The Arconder Menagerie has a variety of exotic(even by SNAPA's standards) creatures for guests to gawk at, including:

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