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Arctic Phoenixes are a distant relative to the traditional phoenix (Nero). Like Nero, there is only one in the world, and she is currently living in the Kansas Menagerie. Her name is Keiya (pronounced Kee-i-ya). Her powers reflect ice instead of fire, for example, her egg rests in snowflakes instead of ashes.


Keiya is very calm and collected. She isn't a drama queen, and finds her cousin Nero's antics to be VERY annoying. She rarely does the whole dying thing, because she feels it just causes more problems for everyone. Keiya is also very smart and has very good common sense.


Keiya has blue and grey feathers. Like Nero, she has a very long tail. Her eyes are a light silver and her beak is a very dark blue.


Keiya's best friend is Nya, Kansas Menagerie's golden goose.


Art here!

Rough sketch by Cryptic.(sorry for bad light)