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Small beings made from blood, the are black some ranging into red. They may have gold, silver, blue, green or other colored patterns on them. The are fist sized and are shaped usually like a small blot of jelly, but can add small legs, head or mouth to their form.

Power and Abilities

A Darking is typically friendly to human beings, but the moment you try to capture, or are declared their enemy, then they go into something called genocide mode. They will kill any humans near them, even if they were not threatening the Darkings. There conversation will switch from friendly interest, to threats and horrifying tales of their past. A Darking kills a human or other creature by entering their bloodstream, an instant kill. Then, all your blood is drained to make more Darkings. Do not approach a Darking with major cuts. Darkings also when attacking can grow smaller, to get into smaller cuts, or bigger for submerging you completely. They grow smaller by splitting apart, and grow bigger by joining with another Darking. They prefer not to use this attack, as the two Darkings that combine or a Darking that splits dies, to create two or one completely new soul(s).


Darkings tend to have badluck based names, like Lost and Secret, they also have names based on how they look; for instance a Darking with silvery spots might be named Glitter or Stars.