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Eliza belongs to Precious no-tribe and lives in the Kansas Menagerie.

Eliza the Unicorn

Eliza is scary. She seems to be a psychopath, and that probably has something to do with her threats of mass murder towards everyone in the menagerie whenever she gets in a bad mood. (The KM denies any knowledge of these threats coming to fruit...).


Eliza is a perfectionist, and a somewhat homicidal one at that. The Harrington family is trying to deal with this as well as they can, which included hiring Alan Baker, a trained Mermaid and Unicorn therapist. Yes, he seriously went to school for that. But enough about Alan. Eliza also has a tender side, which can be seen by when she adopted Liza, an orphaned foal. She has taken fairly good care of Liza, but sometimes requires help from Alan Baker.


Eliza stands six feet tall, and her horn is another two feet long. Her eyes are a cool violet. Her hair is white with the slightest lavender tinge.


Eliza sometimes answers to Ellie.

(pronounced Ee-lie-za)


If Eliza has any friends (she will deny any and all of them), it would probably be Liza and Alan Baker.