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On the easternmost island of the atoll, the Great Barrier Reef Menagerie's Darkings make their home. There are 24 in total (since the tragic splitting). They have a nice wooden castle and enjoy strolling the beaches and traversing the small rain forests of their island.

The Darkings


Fluoride was named by Felicia Lark, who claims all Darkings are just giant globs of strawberry toothpaste. He is King of the Darkings, and keeps them all in line. He can be a brutal leader sometimes, and has classified those who do not live in the castle as peasants.


Scarlet is Queen of the Darking community, and always tells everyone how Fluoride and her are soulmates. She often tries to look her best by forming a human face in her blob. It makes everyone uncomfortable. She also makes fun of those that do not live in the castle like her husband.

Glue and Paste

Glue and Paste have somewhat of a sad story. When Fluoride first became leader, he selected an heir to take over in case he split. So, he selected a newly transferred Darking named Stick. Stick didn't like all the fame he was getting, so one day, alone in his room, he split. This affected Fluoride and Scarlet strongly, and changed the way they acted toward others. They raised Glue and Paste, but Glue and Paste, similar as they are, hate each other, for both want to be heir.

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