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The Great Barrier Reef Menagerie is in the middle of an atoll, which is in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. They are SNAPA and SNAMHP's favorite menagerie, because of the safe environment and well-ordered staff. They banned all children from working here, for their own safety, child-labor laws, and to avoid any accidents.

(currently a work in progress)

Applying for working at this menagerie

Intrested in applying, eh?

It's pretty chill here, besides Wani.

Don't worry, we'll be watching your back in case you spill a crate of kraken ink and Wani comes around.

We have multiple jobs here for you to do.

There's the sciency stuff, where you test water (salinity content, temperature) and watch for the weather and storms to come.

Maintenence, which has to be by far (ironically) the most fun job we have, because you get to tour the atoll, island by island.

And then there's the paperwork, what I do. You initiate trades and make deals for Kraken ink. (We get our money from selling crates of Kraken Ink to menageries without a Kraken)

Species inhabiting this menagerie

Feel free to let your oc live here!


  • Wani Salah
  • Add your human/semi-human to work here!
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