Hannah North is the twenty-two-year-old adopted daughter of Jessie and Wolfgang North, and lives and works at the St. Louis Menagerie.

She is a character owned by Vulture the SkyWing.

Appearance Edit

Hannah has blonde hair and green eyes, with freckles all over her face and some on her arms. Her hair is sort of long, and it goes a few inches below her shoulder blades. She stands at 5'5", slightly shorter than her mother, Jessie.

History Edit

She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri with her parents. She was adopted at age four, and has little memory of events that happened before, and she was born on March 20th, 1994. Hannah was always interested in cryptozoology and veterinarian-related things.

At age twenty, she was invited to work at her parents' menagerie in her hometown. Hannah had recently finished college slightly early, and had a bachelor's degree in veterinarian studies. She accepted the offer and now works at the St. Louis Menagerie.

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