This is a story about the Kansas Menagerie's griffens, and belongs to the non-eatable fairy-unicorn-ninja.

Learning the names Edit

"Alissa, Alana, Annya!!" Rena called from the griffens' enclosure. "The cubs are talking!!'

"Otter-girl, calm down," Kylla said. Maroo nodded.

"No way, this is a really big deal!!" Rena said happily. Finally, the three girls ran over to join their friend. The four girls looked at the tiny grey griffen in front of them.

"Is it true?" Alana asked, sitting down. The oldest, smallest griffen looked at the four girls.

"Why so crazy?" she said finally, clicking her beak.

"So, have you picked a name, yet?" Rena asked. Alana tapped her.

"Rena, don't rush her," Alana chided.

"I want to be called Kiria," the small grey griffen said suddenly.

"And you said I was rushing them," Rena said with a grin.

"Oh, be quiet," Alana said grinning. She turned to look at the oddly grey-green griffen. "What about you, huh, boy? Have you decided on a name yet?"

"Yes, I have," the griffen cub said. "I want to be called Most EVIL Mastermind of ALL TIME!!!!!"

Everyone was silent for a bit, before Annya finally said, "How about Memoat?"

The green griffen sighed. "Okay, FINE, Memoat it is." he said sadly.

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