Menagerie Fanon Wikia

The Kansas Menagerie is in Topeka, Kansas and has been run by the Harrington family for generations. There are also other employees of SNAPA that work there, as well as the family, including some interns. They are very tech-savy, with monitors and cameras in every cage. Most of the workers have an iPhone or iPad to keep track of everything on.

List of Employees


Doria Harrington (Animal expert/Vet)

Mark Harrington (Animal trainer)

Alana Harrington (Secretary/Records keeper)

Bethany Cole (Vet)

Rick Cole (Animal trainer)

Alissa Cole (Intern)

Annya Cole (Intern)

SNAPA-Paid Employees--

Lizzie Hart (Marine animal specialist)

Alan Baker (Mermaid/Unicorn therapist) (yes, this is a real job)

Keith Osborne (Bird specialist)

Amy Osborne (Bird vet)

Serena Watson (Intern)

Mark Osborne (Intern)

Emma Vane (Intern)

List of Animals

Mermaids - twenty, give or take

Unicorns - two (one adult and one foal)

Griffins - eight (two parents, six year-old cubs, AWWW!!!)

Holyhound - one (Amor)

Hydrosalamanders- ten

Pyrosalamanders - ten

Cyrosalamanders - ten

Golden goose - one (Nya)

Hellhounds - two

Arctic Phoneix - one (Kieya)

Hippocampi - three