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Liza lives in the KM and belongs to Precious no-tribe.

Liza the Unicorn

Liza is sweet and shy. She was orphaned early in life and adopted by the somewhat (okay, mostly) crazy Eliza. Liza is not your typical unicorn, but she is a good friend to have.


Liza is smart. She loves to read and workers at the KM often bring her books. She is not a fan of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Liza is also quite shy and prefers to hang back in the shadows. She is very kind to those around her and is close to the Kansas Menagerie's baby griffins.


Unlike most unicorns, Liza is not white. Instead her hide is pitch-black. Liza's horn is a sparkling silver, and her eyes are a bright blue. She stands four feet tall.


Liza is sometimes called Lizzie, or Izzie.

(pronounced "L-i-za)


Liza is close to the six young griffins and Alan Baker, but she considers Eliza to be more like a mother.