Chapter One

Logan looked at Blue. It had been eight years since the two boys had met.

"How do I look?" Logan asked, smoothing out wrinkles in his suit.

"You look fine," Blue said in his mild way. "Why are you so worried?"

"Because I'm getting married!" Logan said. Six to eight years ago, Logan would've said more than that, but now, he didn't bother. He had gotten used to Blue's chill nature.

"Yeah. To Zoe. Which I still find weird, by the way." Blue said.

"Me and Zoe are weird?" Logan demanded. "What about you and Jasmine? You know, the girl you saw as a friend until the seventh grade then married last month?"

Blue grinned "Touché," he answered.

Chapter Two

Zoe twirled in front of the mirror. "How do I look?" she asked her sister and best friend.

"Great!" Jasmine said happily.

"You need more sparkles," Ruby responded. Jasmine shoved the older girl.

"Don't listen to Ruby, Zoe. You look wonderful. But watch out for Pelly. She'll be SUPER jealous." Jasmine said. She seemed delighted by the idea.

Zoe laughed at her bride's maids. "Thanks, Jasmine," she replied. She looked in the mirror again. "Are you sure I look okay?"

"Zomygoodness," Jasmine said. "You're freaking out more than I did on my wedding day!!" she said.

"Sorry, I know, it's just ..." Zoe trailed off, not knowing what else to say. She was worried and excited, but what else could be expected on her wedding day?

"Zoe, look at me," Ruby said. The bride looked up at her older sister. "Everything will be great. Trust me." she said. Zoe nodded.

"Yeah, yeah, you're right. Everything will be great, I mean what's the worse that could happen?" Zoe said. Then she grimaced. "I shouldn't have said that,"

Chapter Three

A baby griffen tossed flower petals along the aisle cheerfully. Another followed her, carrying rings. Zoe's mother gathered the two excited cubs while Abigail Hardy helped her keep them from going crazy. Logan tried to help them, but the two women waved him off. It was his wedding day, he shouldn't have to try to keep two crazy griffens from being wild.

Then, Jasmine and Blue came out. They walked to the front of the crowd. Soon Ruby and Matthew followed. Finally Kieko and Marco came out.

Everyone rose and waited for Zoe to come out.

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