Mark Osborne

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Mark is an intern at the Kansas Menagerie, and belongs to that one admin who's really, really annoying ;)

Mark Osborne

Mark does not like being eaten. Okay, maybe that fact was obvious, but still, Mark hates being eaten!!! He works at the KM as an intern. He mostly works with Lizzie Hart with the mermaids and hydrosalamanders. Mostly because everything else has threatened to eat him (coughcough Eliza coughcough) and Lizzie only does that every so often. (Just kidding. She does it more often then that.)


Mark is smart and has a thirst to learn everything he can. He is especially interested in Marine Biology and Marine Crytozoology. He looks up to Lizzie Hart, as she is an expert in what he loves. Mark is very sarcastic and tends to speak without thinking. Because of this, he may come off as mean, but don't be fooled, Mark is really very kind, just kinda an idiot.


Mark is tall and thin, and often makes jokes about looking like a stork. He has tan skin and spiky black hair, as well as brown eyes. Though he doesn't look like it, Mark is strong. He has had to help Lizzie drag angry mer-children out of the lake for check ups before. (Seriously, have you ever had to drag a six year old with a strong tail out of a lake before? It is not easy.)

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