The 'KattsEdit

'Katts are a race of sentient cat-like Mythical beings, they are cat sized and usually have gray fur ranging into blue, green, and purple hues, they have eyes that are white, purple, or black usually. They can be identified by wisps of mist and steam that curl off from their fur.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They can make their mist bigger and thicker or smaller, making camouflage one of their strong points, the also can revert to a form of pure H2O (Mist, Water or Ice) and can turn back into 'Katt form at will. They can turn their mist into ice as well.They can also make themselves look like normal cats by removing their mist.

Krescent Moon Tribe Members


Some of the Krescent Moon tribe. (Nygra,Kran, Illon, Moon, Kyai, Amama, and Klaw.) Line art by Taiintysoup on dA.

The Krescent Moon tribe is a tribe settled by the Krescent Lake, in the Zenmaia Menagerie, that avoids humans and most mostly-humans and tries to pretend they live in a completely different world, exempt when SNAPA comes to check on them (*sigh*), they maintain the rituals and feral ways of the old tribes.

The Krystal-Shard tribe is a group of Mistkatts, lead by Sable, who travel the Americas, hunting dangerous beasts that SNAPA hasn't captured; or have escaped from menageries. They maintain a feral view like many other tribes, but are still on mostly good terms with the rest of the world. They are viewed as a "wild card" by SNAPA.

Leader Edit

Female: Sable: Dark Indigo furred female warrior with violet eyes. Middle aged and knowledgable. Male: NA Family: NA

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