Ah, St. Louis county, Missouri. With its wonderful zoo, why not put in a wonderful menagerie? What an odd, populated place to put a menagerie. SNAPA and SNAMHP commonly drops by, due to the large population. Big WIP page!

Appearance Edit

With 100 acres of land, the Manchester Menagerie sits on an area that was once farmland. Of course, it has its protection, like a normal menagerie - some say SNAPA requires even more for this menagerie. It is under constant surveillance, meaning cameras are seemingly everywhere outside of the house.

The house, where the Norths quite obviously live, is an average-sized two-story house. It has large windows on the living room on the second floor, the highest one, which the family makes sure to keep all 'mythical' creatures out of. The bedrooms sit on the bottom floor, and some say the house is oddly designed. There are four bedrooms: a guest bedroom, the master bedroom, Hannah's room, and the den can be used as one if needed.

History Edit

It sits in a highly disputed place, as SNAPA is unsure if choosing Manchester, MO, in Saint Louis county, was a good idea. Building was completed in April of 2013, and the Norths, a family of three, paid for it and own it. The Manchester Menagerie was created after the Parkville, Missouri incident, as SNAPA believed that giving Missouri another go might have been a good idea.

Staff Edit

  • Jessie North (owner, wife of Wolfgang)
  • Wolfgang North (owner, husband of Jessie. He has a slight German accent)
  • Hannah North (twenty-two-year-old adopted daughter of the Norths)
  • Nicholas Smith (Secretary)
  • Kathleen Hyeera (Trainer)
  • Joel Hill (Reptile/amphibian expert)
  • Alexandria “Alex” Poge (Marine expert)
  • Mira Byrne (Mammal expert)
  • Mason Spring (Vet)
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