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Rena Watson

Rena is a were-otter. She comes from a family of were-creatures, with a younger brother who is a were-lion and an even younger brother who is a were-penguin.


Rena is very stubborn, but she is also playful and loves to have fun. She has a very mothering nature due to being the oldest in her family. Rena is often smiling, and loves to make others smile, too. Rena has a lot of energy, and this energy often rubs off on those around her, whether that energy is positive or negative. She is also has a part-time job at her local Menagerie. She is fairly mature for a fourteen year old.


Rena has long, dark, wavy hair and sparkling green eyes. Her skin is tan, but naturally gets paler in the winter. She has a scar across her left cheek from a fight with a griffen. Rena claims that the griffen started it and that the scar makes her look tough (which is not true).

Rena's hair is almost always tied back in a high pony tail. She wears t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes most of the time. She almost never wears make-up, only for important and special occasions.


She is called Rena because her youngest brother couldn't pronounce "Serena". The name stuck.

Pronounced "Se-ree-na" and "Ree-na


Rena's best friend is Alana Harrington, who is a member of the family who runs the Kansas Menagerie. Rena often curls up on Alana's shoulders in otter form and rides around the Menagerie that way. She is also close to the other three interns Mark Osborne, Alissa Cole, and Emma Vane, since all three are about the same age.


A mother, a dad, and two little brothers, all were-creatures. Your typical American family, right?


Rena has a small hydrosalamander that Alana gave her for her tenth birthday. His name is Mackie. She also has a dog and a cat that belong to the entire family.

Powers and Skills


Rena can turn into an otter. Ta-da. Like you didn't know that.


Rena is also a natural swimmer and is very good at making friends with different people.


  • Rena has three main folders on her SNAPA-issued tablet: Plans to Take Over the World, Ninja Tortillas, and Kitties Dancing.
    • These folders hold her typical jobs and when to do them, any extra jobs, and any deadlines she has.
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