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Sindranillian Antelopes are the "missing link between reptiles and mammals". With a tan/brown body like a deer, it has an underbelly like a snake, and a similar feature on its face. These are usually in muted colors. The horns are straight, and may have patterns on that are genetically inherited.


Sindranillian Antelopes live in herds, widely traveling through their preffered habitats, forests and savannahs. This initially prevented them from being kept in a menagerie, as their migration patterns covered excessive space. It was soon found out by research team, though, that the only reason for the long traversing was to visit the birthplace of every member of the herd. After that, menageries could slowly build up herds over the years, as the wild ones gradually died out. Sindranillian antelopes will usually live in peace as they walk the countryside, but faced with danger they use their gaze weapon collectively, making it even more potent. For them, their foals are their most prized possession, and will guard them with their life.

Interest for SNAPA

The reason why Sindranillian Antelopes are kept in menageries is because of their gaze weapon, where their normally round eyes sharpen into slits and the target is paralyzed. The more gazes on an individual, the more powerful it seems. One weakness of this is that if a herd is attacked by a large group(such as wild dogs) only a few will be paralyzed and the rest are free to attack. This was how humans originally got close to them. Another, smaller, interest is that the hooves of the Sindranillian Antelope, shed during adolescence, can be made into an extremely sticky glue-like substance that is currently being expiremented for use in Tracker field assignments.