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Cryptic's. I don't like how the story flows, so anybody good at that stuff? If so, please revise.

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When Darmen was born, it was apparent he was not a normal unicorn. Instead of a proud white stallion, his body was an ash gray donkey's, the only thing to confirm his unicorndom being his drab horn. He was shunned by his community, his entire family running away except his mother, who was killed by wolves. After these tradegies, he was found alone in the woods by a juvenile Lord Colon, who took him in against his parent's will; and fed him and took him from the brink of death. At this time, he was given the name Strictus Severus by the only person besides his mother who had shown kindness to him. As Strictus grew up, he did not let anyone feed him except "Master Colon", and absolutely worshipped his every move. When he was sent to a menagerie by SNAPA, it broke his heart and he turned violent towards other creatures, holding an especial hatred for unicorns, who still refused to accept him.

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