• This wiki now has 8 people! Taping the badge of 'Welcome to the Wiki' apparently tells you how many users are in the wiki! Pretty cool, but anyways the point is that we now have some facts, and I like facts so here they are: we have 8 users, 3 admins, Or really one Founder one Admin and one Chatmod, soon we will have a Roll back, but only a few users contribute to this wiki actively, and activity is going down the drain. We need to be more active and we may need more users, the problem is that so few people have read the Menagerie, and even fewer liked it, or at least it wasn't as popular as her other books, Wings of Fire, Pet Trouble, and Warriors. So the users we do have need to boost up and finish all the stuff they started, but trouble is Wikians and humans in general are, to put it blandly: Either lazy or to worked to do more than talk. So you, Notribe, Resa, and me need to step on the gas and get to work. -3moons 

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    • Yeah i'm gonna work on something, I really need to.

      We need more users but it's kinda hard reaching out to more of The Menagerie fans.

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    • Yah....sigh, I hope some people will read it and be like 'wow great books wonder if these have a wiki, specially a cool fanon one!' Then search it and join....oh well probs not going to happen.

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    • Well, you never know. And we're OK here in our small community of 8  users, we just have to get the users up and running.

      Maybe things'll change after the rollback nomination, just a reminder it happens to be May 1st!

      P.S. I imagine the WoF wiki was made before the series was mega-popular, and look what happened to it now! It's booming!!

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    • True thrue and true.

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    • A FANDOM user
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