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  • I live in A sadly average world
  • My occupation is Plotting
  • I am Trying to think of something clever to put here.

In active for a week.

Background Information
Creator God
Aliases Jadeflame, Ramoasis, ZodiacUltragon, and OnyxEagle.
Main Attribute Mystery
Elemental Attribute Shadow
Theme Color Dark Rainbows
Theme Animal Ram, Dragon, Booted Racket-Tailed Hummingbird, Black Leopard and Cat.
Theme Song None Yet
Entity Information
Age Endless
Gender XY (Male)
Occupation Looking through the thoughts of every being.
Goal None
Residence Omnipresent
Relatives Do omnipotent entities have relatives?
Allies Those who want to be.
Enemies Those who want to be. Wow that sounds onimous :)
Likes Allies
Dislikes Enemies
Powers and abilities Omnipotence
Weapons See above^

Hello, please call me whatever you want. However, I will always refer to myself as Cryptic. I plan to be an active member in this Wikia.

I am most active during summer(don't have school. I'm on daily basically) And I try to be on during the school year(Like twice a week) I do have weeklong camps and will post when I have them.

Concerns about Wiki: Edit No idea what they are.

Opinions: Edit

3moons: She's pretty cool, I look forward to getting to know her better.

Precious: Haven't really met her yet, but her work is really creative!

Stuffing: Our founder is pretty chill, I like his fanfiction so far!

Adding more soon.

Art Edit




Xeo (Slemon Thirku)


A random griffin


A griffin Base


Sindranillian Antelope

July 28, 2016 on this day I achieved first on the achievement leaderboard.Sometimes it feels like I'm the only active person here.

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