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Werecreatures are a human who has been bitten by a aspexerit-werecreature, or a The child of two aspexerit- or natus- weres. Aspexerit- or Natus- weres can be any normal animal, Magicae-were are only magic animals (not mostly human).

Types of Lycanthropy

Natus-Were: The child of two Werecreatures, the type of animal they take the form of is random. Natus have a stronger ability to resist the animal mind, they can also change whenever they choose, but they must change on a full moon. They also don't pass on the gene by biting. They can be Magical-Weres.

Aspexerit-Were: a human bitten by another Aspexerit-Werecreature, They pass on the gene of their exact type of were-animal through biting. They can only change when the moon is full (they must), or when they get strong emotions. They can't be Magical-Weres.

Magicae-Were: a sub type of Natus-Weres. They can change at will, and are forced to change on a full moon. They are the child of two other Magicae-were, they get the ability to change it one of their parents Magicae-were, and the other becomes a recessive