These are Mistkatts that live next to Kresent Lake in the Zenmaia Menagerie, and are part of the Krescent Moon Tribe.

Mistkatt familiar of Kara, female hunter of Krescent-Moon tribe, has odd iceblue glowing eyes.

Kyai is a Female dark blue furred young warrior with ocean blue eyes.

Amama is a White and Grey tabby with light Violet eyes. She is the Mother to Irani and Talli.

Irani is a small gray shekit with white eyes. She is the daughter of Amama and the sister of Talli

Talli is a small black male kit with white eyes and dark gray tabby stripes. His mother is Amama his sister is Irani.

Illon is a male gray-green furred healer with dark purple eyes.

Moon is a light grey furred female kit with white eyes and darker tabby stripes. She is the daughter of Kram and Nygra.

Nygra is a white furred female warrior with black eyes, she is the current female leader of the Krescent-Moon tribe.

Kran is a dark grey furred male hunter with lavender eyes, he is the Male Leader of the Krescent Moon Tribe.

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